Coffee and house made pastries everyday from 8am.
Brunch : Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays from 11am - 2.30pm

  • Breakfast Pizza: Heirloom tomatoes, smoked bacon, eggs , Emmental
  • Poached egg, Parisien Gnocchi, raclette cheese, mushroom and truffle
  • Lyonnaise Melt: Grilled sourdough with caramel onions, grilled cheese, chives and fried egg
  • Fresh fruits, yoghurt and glazed almonds
    70 HK$
  • French toast, caramel pears, candied nuts and vanilla yoghurt
    85 HK$
  • Sweet corn fritters, guacamole, harissa, roasted peppers and leaves
    Add thick cut bacon or smoked salmon for +30HK$
    80 HK$
  • Madam S’ Ate big start: poached egg, thick cut bacon, grilled tomato, French mushrooms, homemade sausage
    130 HK$
  • Croque Madam: brioche, pork belly, Gruyere cheese
    95 HK$
  • Two poached eggs, sautéd spinach, béarnaise, English muffin
    Add thick cut bacon or smoked salmon for +30HK$
    100 HK$
  • Potato rosti, hot smoked salmon, dill, and yoghurt
    105 HK$
  • Spanish Omelette: Baked potato omelette, caramel onions, heirloom tomates and Serrano ham
    85 HK$